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Classroom management in semi-darkness

There are some experiments which must be done in semi-darkness, for example, optics experiments and ripple tanks. You need to plan carefully for such lessons. Ensure that students are clear about what they need to do during such activities and they are not given unnecessary time. Keep an eye on what is going on in the class, and act quickly to dampen down any inappropriate behaviour before it gets out of hand. 

Shadows on the ceiling will reveal movements that are not in your direct line of sight.


Useful notes

Before lab lighting is dimmed, it is useful to: 

1 make pupils put their bags etc. and seats out of the way under their benches to reduce the significant tripping hazard. 

2 see they all have any apparatus ready, as accidents and damage to equipment are more likely when they can't see very well. 
Pupils enjoy working in semi-darkness and are usually quieter and better-behaved!


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