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AQA 2011 science GCSEs

AQA integrates ideas about the nature and methods of science into all content units in its specifications. Controlled assessment tasks are used for skills and knowledge relevant to investigative practical work.

The controlled assessment for G

CSE Science A, GCSE Additional Science and GCSE Physics is an Investigative Skills Assignment (ISA) consisting of two written papers. The controlled assessment for GCSE Science B is a contextualised investigation.

AQA uses scientific terms consistent with those described in The Language of Measurement, a booklet published by the Association of Science Education in 2010. Definitions of terms are not required in assessments, but candidates are expected to use the terms correctly.

Fuller information and support is of course available from AQA, and detailed guidance for teachers is provided on its website.

Case Studies and Experiments linked below could support the development of skills and knowledge expected of AQA candidates for How Science Works. They are grouped into the categories used in the AQA specifications.

Observation; Developing explanations

Designing an investigation

Making measurements

Presenting data

Using data to draw conclusions

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